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Law Enforcement & Government Sales

We have relationships with many major United States Firearm and Suppressor manufacturers. If your department is looking to update their weapons systems, please contact us with specifics and we can put together a bid package. 

Law Enforcement Agency Trades: 
Does your department have a weapons storeroom or seizure room with used pistols, semi-auto/automatic rifles or submachine guns? Rather than use agency funds for purchasing firearms and equipment, we can often arrange to take old equipment in trade towards the purchase of new firearms and equipment. Simply email or call us with a list of your current requirements as well as the guns you have to trade and we will promptly provide a quote.

Police Officer / Military Sales:
If you are law enforcement or in the military, we appreciate your service. We have teamed up with many United States firearms manufacturers to provide discounts on firearms and accessories. If you are an officer looking to upgrade your firearms or gear, please contact us for law enforcement pricing. 

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