Most suppressors are out of stock, so please check availability before ordering. All suppressor sales are subject to a NFA background check and transfer tax. The transfer tax on suppressors is a one time tax of $200 payable to the BATFE. Each time an NFA weapon changes hands, the tax is charged except if the transfer is between class 3 dealers.
The paperwork required for the transfer of an NFA weapon consists of an application known as the Form 4. The Form 4 is completed and submitted with the applicant's photograph attached and a fingerprint card. These are submitted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in duplicate along with the respective transfer tax. The finger print cards are forwarded to the FBI for a background check. The background check and transfer process takes about 2 months or so depending on the examiners’ work load and if there are any errors on the preparers part.

Once the Form 4 application is approved, one copy of the approved application with a "stamp" is sent back to the dealer or seller of the weapon. The dealer or seller contacts the buyer and makes the physical transfer of the weapon at that time. The approved Form 4 application stays with the weapon and is proof that the buyer has paid the transfer tax. The original should be stored in a safe place and a photocopy carried with the weapon should the legality of the NFA weapon be questioned by law enforcement officers.

We accept check, money order, credit card (Processed through GUNPAL), or wire transfer ($15 fee applies). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
For all sales of Suppressors, Short Barrel Shotguns, Short Barrel Rifles, Machine Guns, or any other NFA items to residents of the state of Mississippi or Alabama (no SBS or SBR), we have an attorney who will draft and file a NFA trust for $200 if you purchase an NFA item from us.

If you are not a resident of the states mentioned and want to buy a suppressor, SBS, SBR, or machine gun from us, contact us and we will work with you to find a firearms friendly lawyer who can setup the trust for you.

We are currently working to develop a list of firearms friendly lawyers in other states and will be posting them to in the next couple weeks.

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